Danae & Austin are saying “I Do”!

We’re getting Married!

Our Story

Ever heard the one where the boy thought the girl was weird but took a shot anyways?

Two young kids with no idea where life planned to take them took a chance on one another. Together we have made our way through 6 moves, two college degrees, lots of sleepless nights, and loads of laughter along the way!

May 16th 2020, She Said Yes!


About Danae

Danae isn’t your typical “small town girl”. Once she attended public school, went to college, and got a taste of the big city life, she was hooked! There’s no other place that she would rather be than drinking a cup of the darkest brewed coffee and browsing the aisles of a Michael’s or a Hobby Lobby for hours on end!

Danae’s Song for Austin:

About Austin

Growing up on the farm, you’d think he’d have some sort of interest in the farm life or animals…. But, nope not Austin, the minute his hands were on a keyboard he was hooked to the tech-life. Working on web-design and always having a laptop glued to his side, he consistently tells Danae “we can move anywhere, as long as I have an internet connection and a laptop!”.

Austin’s Song for Danae:


Wedding Details


The Special Day

November 1st, 2020

Live Stream will be available

2PM CST Time.

The Ceremony

Kansas City, MO

Live Stream available on this site!

The Reception

A small Cupcakes and Champagne party


You can find our registry simply by clicking the Amazon link below! 








We Can’t Wait To Celebrate With You!

Watch the live stream below! (Live stream will autoplay once active on November 1, 2020 @ 1:30PM)